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 DM Introductions

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PostSubject: DM Introductions   Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:03 pm

Oook. First of all, Xrere is making me do this Very Happy . And secondly, I am...the new DM! Yay. How exciting!
And for those of you who know Xrere, I am so much cooler than him ^-^....He better not edit this to say otherwise.

And now down to business:
My expectations -
1. Please don't put me in a position to be -mean-. I really don't wanna be mean. Evil or Very Mad
2. Just follow the damn rules. Really. There arn't that many.
3. Have fun! Of course!!

And that's it. Unless Xrere makes me add something else.

Edit: DM Dz: "Also, She is my girl.. So don't mess with her " Wink
Edit for the Edit: DM Pwncess: "Yeah! And..I'm still your boss." Twisted Evil
Edit for the edit for the edit: DM Xrere: "You're whipped Dz."
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DM Introductions
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