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 Character Biography: Strato

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PostSubject: Character Biography: Strato   Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:18 pm

We sailed the endless Oceans
We Sailed the Raging Seas
The Quest is Never Ending..

Child Strato
[Will be added when i find a Picture]

Teenage Strato
[Will be added when i find a Picture]

Adult Strato
[Will be added when i find a Picture]

Basic Information -
Name: Strato
Hair: Black
Eyes: Deep Green
Skin: Tanned
Height as a Child: 4'
Height as an Adult: 5'8
Build: Slightly Muscular
Favorite Colors: Blue,gold,Black
Hometown: Castle town

Music -

Background -
Strato was Born In Castle Town To a loving family, when he turned 4 his mother and father took them on a cruise around the great sea.
On the cruise there was plenty of laughter,music and joy. 3 days into it an unknown ship came into the horizon And started firing upon the cruise ship
as one of the cannon balls hit the side of the ship it jolted to the side throwing strato overboard. When he woke up he was on a Strange ship.
That Belonged to a Pirate Named Larrs. While on the Ship he Befriended a Boy named Talith. They Learned how to fight and work on a ship for 9 years.
One Day the same unknown ship appeared Larrs told Talith and Strato that the ship belonged to a Ruthless Pirate named Edge. Edge's Ship began to sail Closer to the ship until the ships pretty much touched each other. All at once fighting started aboard the two ships Talith and Strato where Thrown into the Chaos. Strato Reciving a Sword wound on his leg fell overboard. He Drifted for god knows how long until he washed up on a beach close to Castle town. There a Dog grabbed him and dragged him off to a Secluded Allyway in the Town. He name the Dog bingo, Bingo and Strato Walked around the town together before too long they went into the inn and Saw a Red headed boy who would Later be know to be Jinx Hyrule Picking on a Girl named Rina. He witnessed Jinx Calling her names and like. soon after jinx would walk out and strato would follow him. They would meet in the street strato trying to Get jinx to Say sorry to the girl for making her Cry. Jinx would Sneer at Strato. Strato would Jump at jinx with his fists trying to knock him down. when it was he himself who fell because of jinx's wooden sword. Rina would walk out and find Strato on the ground at jinx's feet. Jinx would grab her hand and lead her off. When Strato woke up he found Talith had been washed ashore aswell. They lived on the Streets alone For a while seeing Rina getting Dragged around by jinx. One day they met a Boy named Meriam who was speaking to a Girl with a Giant Spider. Strato would Squash the Spider making Meriam and The girl Angry.
Meriam tried to beat up Strato but it turned around that Talith and Strato beat up Meriam. Nothing Else Interesting happened for a while until Strato went out to the field And Saw a Girl Getting Knocked around by Bublins. She would Fall over unconsious from her Injurys. Strato Took on the Bublins Defeating Them all. He would then see jinx and rina, jinx with a rather Angry look on his face. he would lift the girl up and carry her into town setting her on a Small green hill by the gate. Jinx would Follow and Acuse the Girl of Stealing his Rupees. Strato Would tell him to get lost and Lift her up once more walking away towards the inn. Once at the inn he would Rent out a room and carry her up setting her on the bed. he would then walk out of the room leaning on the wall outside watching for jinx. She would Awaken and come out of the room finding a half asleep strato leaning on the wall. He would tell her what happened and she would tell Strato that he name was Akirah. jinx would walk up the stairs with rina Following him.
He would Smirk at Strato and Akirah Saying that he Would take his rupees back no matter what. Strato would step between them and tell jinx that she didnt steal the rupees and that he wouldnt let Jinx touch or harm any of his friends. Akirah would seen taken aback by the Word Friend and nod. After this Strato and Akirah became Friends And wandered around Castle town finding people to Steal from. One day Jinx would approch Akirah and tell her he wanted to Talk with her outside the inn Alone. She would go but strato would follow peering around the Corner and watching them walk to Malvers. He then spotted Meriam who he asked if he could pick locks Meriam Said yes but he wouldnt Help Strato. Strato Offered to pay him to pick a lock for him and meriam Accepted. They would walk to Malvers and Meriam would pick the lock. strato would then ask if they wanted to be friends. Meriam Questioned this but Agreed. Strato would walk into Malvers to a very angry jinx that would kick him and meriam out. Strato would then ask Meriam to Join his Wouldbe Pirate crew. Meriam Accepted the offer. Akirah Meriam and Strato Walked to Kakariko getting Ambushed by Bublins on the way. Meriam would get a Few arrows near his broken ribs. Strato would carry Meriam up the Hill and into Kakariko to set him against the tree. They would Bandage his wounds and return to castle town where they would Part there Seprate ways. Strato would Approch Rina not seeing Jinx around and begin talking to her asking her why she gets dragged around by him and ordered about. she would Say that she was Scared of What might happen if she refuses to follow him around. Jinx would come along and Tell Rina not to talk with Gutter people. she would nod and Walk off with jinx. He would walk back to the square and meet with Akirah where they would Talk for awhile until Jinx and rina would come along. Jinx and Strato would get into an Arguement. Strato and Akirah would Walk off. They would go to the inn where Strato would have a room rented out. Strato would gather all his Belongings and Shove them into a Wool Sack that he would sling over his shoulder. He would walk out of the room and lock it sliding the key away. He would reach the stairs before turning around and spotting Akirah who would ask where he was going, he would Reply saying that he was going to earn rupees by defeating Bandits and monsters and the like. She would ask him why and he would reply so that i can buy a ship for Everyone to go sail on. She would frown and hand him her black velvet rupee bag before turning away. he would move to go down the stairs and she would kiss him on the cheek. he would walk out of the inn towards the great forest to earn some rupees. Days later he would return to castle town spotting akirah near the fountain he would walk over with a smile on his face holding out her completely full rupee bag offering it to her. she would take it Reluctently and slide it away. he would then walk towards the inn to go sleep. in the morning he would walk out and spot jinx and akirah. Jinx and strato would Argue somemore with Akirah Sliding something in Stratos Pocket. Jinx would walk away and strato would shoot a deku nut at his back. jinx would ignore this and walk towards the gate... and the guardhouse. strato would slide the sling back into his pocket feeling the paper that akirah had slipped into his pocket. he would read it and it would say that strato had agreed to help with the assassination of the king. Strato would then look up to jinx and several guards.
The guards would Take him away along with all his belongings. They would then Claim that Talith had helped with the plotting. they would set strato free for a little while so they could Look over the evidence. Strato would meet with Rina and Talith telling them that Talith and himself where to be arrested because of Jinx and Akirahs plotting. He would tell Rina to find meriam and hide in the woods so that jinx couldnt get to them aswell. The next day talith and himself where arrested and brought into prison. They would stay in the lonley cell waiting. for 6 months they waited until one day a loud bell rang to Signal an Intruder. Guards would run past there cell and all Talith and Strato could hear was Metal Clanging. All of a Sudden a Brown Boot would come into view. Strato would look up and See Larrs There Foster Father had come to Save them. he would open the cell and hand them there belongings and tell them to run. Strato would run out of the cell and get Slashed across the eye from a guards spear. Larrs would stab the Guard in the chest and they would keep on running. they would run until they where out into the forest. larrs had told Strato that he would cover there escape and told them to run. They ran and ran until they came to the hot spring. where they found Meriam and Rina waiting. The 4 of them would wander around the forest living with the Sha'di and the Deku Shrubs. The Sha'di would Give them EAch a sword to use. the Sword was too heavy for Stratos taste so he Hardly uses it. This went on for 7 years until they Decided it was time to Return to Castle town. When they Arrived they would Learn that Jinx was now an Important Political Figure and was Dating Akirah. Of Course Years before Akirah told Strato that she would Ensure his Freedom if he Helped her Rob Jinx of everything he owned. the group of 4 Had returned to Hyrule After 7 long years...... (To be Continued)

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Character Biography: Strato
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