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 Character Biography: Akirah

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PostSubject: Character Biography: Akirah   Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:08 pm

Life feels like Hell should
But this Hells so cold
Pull another knife out
Stick it with rest of them
When my back is full
Turn me around to face it

Child Akirah

Teenage Akirah

Adult Akirah

Basic Information -
Name: Akirah
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Golden Brown
Skin: Tan
Height as a Child: 3'
Height as an Adult: 5'2
Build: Thin but curvy
Favorite Colors: Smoky Pink and Teal (With Black and Silver accents)
Hometown: Castle Town

Background -
Akirah grew up in Castle Town to a middle class family. However, her parents viewed her differently than their other children, and Akirah eventually secluded herself. One day, after a day at the market, she came home and her family was gone. Ever since, she has despised any sort of relationships with others, and uses people to her benefit, as this was the only way she could have survived alone and on the streets.

Music -
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Character Biography: Akirah
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