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 Character Biography: Rina

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PostSubject: Character Biography: Rina   Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:33 pm

Child Rina (During her time with the Sha'di)

Child Rina (After incident)

Adult Rina

---General Appearance---

Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Purple
Height (Child): 3'
Height (Adult): 4'11
Build: She has a very tiny, but very healthy body. This goes for both when she is a child and when she is an adult.
Distinquishing marks: She has the mark of the Sha'di on the back of both of her hands, that are usually covered by gloves to hide them. (The mark is two katana's crossing with block thorny vines wrapped around the blades and creating a web of vines behind the two swords)

---Very Brief Description ((More will be added))---

Rina is considered to be too nice for her own good. She hardly fights back with anyone, even those that would cause her harm. This could have to do with the fact that she is a very small person and feels that even if she wanted to fight that it would end up badly. Though as plain as day for most anyone, they can tell there is potential for something a little more.... violent. Her home of Castle Town is not what she wanted at all. She finds the people very pushy and rude, but she does not let it show most of the time. More often than not just smiling and saying nothing at all.

On the topic of her past, no one knows where she came from or who her parents were, including Rina. If ever asked all people would recieve as a reply would be a sad look and a shake of her head. It is a sensative subject that Rina does not like to talk about at all.

Anyone who has spent more than ten seconds with her knows how gullible she can be at times. Which means that she can manipulated that much easier for you of evil minds out there. She is quick to make friends when possible, even if it is with the wrong types of people. She has a lot to learn about how the real world works out in this land, but there is good hope that she will be quick to learn these valuable lessons. Though what lessons are still a mystery...

Rina's favorite passtime as of late is staying up late to watch the stars, often humming a very soft lullaby type tune. When she is not daydreaming, she is always climbing up to highplaces, just so she can feel the wind on her face. Her balance is bordering on unnatural for any who watches her do this. Recently she has been hanging out with Jinx, many people thinking this to be a bad idea. But maybe toughening up a bit will be good for her, and will stop people from stepping all over her.

Rina has now gotten into the routine of practicing how to fight, not against real people, but anyone who walks by her normal hideaway next to the shooting area can find her fighting imaginary foes. While she does this her movements are graceful, frighteningly quick and confident. But how can nervous little Rina do this? And why doesn't she use these skills in a real fight? Well questions that may or may not be answered in the future.

---Backstory ((This is updated a lot, keep eyes open))---

Rina's origin is the Great Forest, in a large camp near the center. This camp belongs to the bandit brigade known as Sha'di (pronounced SHA-DEE). The Sha'di are a widely known group in the region and those surrounding it. Their numbers are unknown and they show little mercy to their enemies. The leader is a swordmaster simply known as Altez. Altez himself stands at 5'9 with a medium build, looking to be someone who relies heavily on speed rather than brute strength. Rina was an orphan before her run-in with the Sha'di, her real parent's dead from a cabin fire. That had been a few days past, and she was lost and confused as she wandered the various trails of the forest. Her father had taught her a little of foraging and hunting, but she was only eight at the time and did not yet have the skills to the survive the harsh forests.

As darkness started to closed in around the forest, Rina went searching for a quiet place to rest her head for a few hours. Little did she know that she was being followed by none other than Altez. At first Altez merely wanted to take whatever meager possessions she had and then leave Rina to her fate at the hands of the forest. But as he watch her determination and will to live, he couldn't help but feel that she may be of more use alive and at his side in the future than dead at the claws of a bear or the teeth of a wolf.

When Altez first revealed himself, all Rina wanted to do is run the other direction, her father had told her of what the dreaded Sha'di do to travelers. But before she could run Altez put a hand on her shoulder and forced her to turn around, only then did she see that he was holding a loaf of bread, smiling gently down at her. She was confused, that this kind person would be the leader of such a group as the Sha'di. He asked why she was out in the forest all alone and so late at night. After explaining what had happened to her parents, Altez offered a place in the Sha'di for the little girl. Rina was both shocked and afraid, she knew that she would not last more than ten seconds with such a group of murderers.
However she had no other choice, she was lost and hungry and needed someone to take care of her, so she accepted his offer.

For two whole years Altez showed Rina how to track, cook, make a shelter, and of course how to turn her body into a weapon in case things got violent. It was during these fighting lessons that Rina and Altez bonded into what could be called father and daughter. Rina's style of fighting was using speed rather than strength. Altez did his best to teach her to use this speed as an effective killer, and the results were promising. It was during these fighting lessons that Rina and Altez bonded into what could be called father and daughter. During her time with the Sha'di, Rina had participated in several raids and caravan ambushes, usually sticking to Altez's side wearing the hood and mask he had given her to hide her appearance. During these raids and ambushes Rina has been responisble for three deaths and a dozen injured people.


Rina felt as if a million little butterflies were fluttering around in her stomach. Today was the day that her father allowed her to participate in a raid. There was a small caravan headed towards Castle Town, mostly food supplies, but along with the food there was a shipment of precious jewelry. Rina knew that she could not mess this up for her father, all that training had led to this moment. Her father had decided to strike as the wagon was making camp for the night, thus catching them unawares.

She looked around from her hideaway alongside the roadside ditch. Rina could barely make out the figures of both her father, Altez, and her best friend, who went by the name Parrin. Unlike her father, Parrin was more or less a giant, standing head and shoulders over most men, his arms alone where almost wider than Rina was. Parrin has always looked out for her when her father was never around, and Rina was happy that he was along for this. She snapped back to reality when she heard the faint rumble of wagon wheels coming from the south.

Her palm grew sweaty as she tightly gripped the hilt of her blade, she knew that she would most likely have to hurt someone.. or even worse. Rina would not let Altez down though, he took her in and taught her how to survive, and how to fight. She knew that if it came down to it she would take a life if needed.

Her breath froze in her throat as she heard the wooden wagon creep to a stop, only when all noise stopped did Rina dare to peek up from her hiding spot. The horse drawn wagon had stopped in the middle of the road, with no signs of guards, or the merchants at that. This caused an unsettling fear to gnaw at her insides, when she looked at her father and Parrin, the both of them looked more confused than scared. She was shamed that she let this scare her, it was not the Sha'di way of doing things.

Rina saw Altez motion forward to the wagon, it turns out there was a change of plans. Rina swallowed up her growing fear and stood up from her hiding spot, Parrin was already at the wagon with his giant hammer in his hands. Altez drew his engraved scimitar from its leather sheath and crept up so he was next to Parrin. Rina hurried with quiet feet around the other side of the wagon as the other two went to the doors of the wagon.

As soon as Parrin went to open the doors, they bursted open ushering forth armored troops. It had been a trap to lure them out! Even surprised Parrin swung his hammer down onto the first man's helmeted head, and with a sickening crunch the man head disappeared under the hammer's stone head.
Rina climbs up to the top of the wagon to get a better view, her fear long forgotten to the amassing chaos below. Parrin was surrounded by four soldiers and Altez was busy with three himself. Flashes sparked to life as Altez begun to "dance" with his blade, Rina saw Parrin get hit in arm, only to shrug it off and laugh at the puny soldiers. His battle hammer made short work of two of the men, the remaining two kept their attack wary and quick, trying to chip the giant's strength down.

Rina gasped as she saw Altez's sword get knocked from his hand, and the soldiers were closing in quick for the kill. Without thinking she pulled out her blade and jumped down feet first, landing squarely onto the guards back while digging her blade deep into his exposed neck, knocking him to the ground with a metallic thud. Rina pulled the now bloody blade free, blood splattering on her masked face. Remembering her training with Altez, she rolled towards the next enemy, cutting the legs from under him. Quickly finishing him off she turned to the last enemy only to find Altez had decapitated him cleanly while she dealt with the other two. Rina looked at her blood soaked hands and realized that it wasn't so bad... and that she did so enjoy the fighting.

===End Memory===

Not everyone agreed to all of this, but noone more than Caldur, who had been Altez's righthand man for more than ten years. Ever since Altez brought the little girl to the camp, Caldur has had a growing hatred for their leader, for he thought he was going soft on them. He knew that he would make a better leader, expanding the Sha'di until they all but controlled the roads and the villages. So he acted on his emotions and gathered two of his most trusted friends, Jerill and Maurin, and they began planning the murder of Altez. Three more days passed, a storm was gathering over the night sky as the three sneaked into the tent of their soon-to-be-dead leader. They silently drew their swords from their sheathes and pulled back the tent-flap... only to find both Altez and Rina gone. Somehow he figured it all out and left before they could do the deed!

As Caldur tried to come to grips with reality, Altez was running through familiar trails dragging a sleepy Rina behind him. They just reached a clearing when Altez heard the sounds of hoofbeats, drawing his curved sword he readied for Caldur and his men. The one who Rina now called her father stood calmly, where as she was scared to death, afraid to do anything but stand there. And then she saw them, all three of them on steeds almost as black as the rumbling clouds above. Fifty meters from their target, Altez shouted for Rina to run ahead, that he would catch up soon. Rina knew that no man could best her father in combat, so she obeyed without question.

The forest around her blurred as she sprinted away from the chaotic scene, ringing of metal on metal resounded around her. The clouds soon begun to dump their load of rain unto the forest below. Rina kept running, afraid to look back, but was forced to stop as a yawning chasm stopped her progress dead. The only way across that she could see through the pouring rain was a fallen tree that formed an unsturdy bridge. Having no other coice she climbed onto the tree, the hollow wood creaking, which was a bad sign if it did that with her light body. Taking a deep breath and using a calming method that Altez had taught her long ago she began to shimmy across. Halfway there the tree gave way with a resounding SNAP! Rina screamed as she plummeted into the blackness that soon engulfed her tiny frame.

When Rina woke up, she was in an alleyway in a bustling city, she rubbed her head and sat up. She tried to recall what happened only to find that she couldn't remember, come to think of it, she had no memories save for several names; Sha'di, Altez, and the Great Forest. She nervously got up and thus started her journey into Caste Town.

During her time in Castle Town Rina made a "friend" named Jinx. Though it was plainly obvious that Jinx's only real goal was to use Rina in the long run. Still she has no friends in this strange new place that she was willing to befriend the worst of kids. That was however before she met a boy named Strato. Now Rina also thought Strato was kinda odd, claiming that he was a pirate. While Jinx had forbidden Rina to talk to this boy, she decided that what Jinx didn't know would not hurt him too much.

It was during these little meetings that Rina finally realized that she could be having real friends, friends that could help her find out who she truly was. She liked talking to the boy, he was kinder than Jinx and actually cared to listen whenever she got the courage to speak. He also encouraged Rina to stand up for herself, but Rina did not like that part of their conversations one bit. It wasn't before long that Strato came up to her and told her that he was going to jail. This came as a great surprise to her, for she did not want to lose her true friend and then be stuck with Jinx that whole time.

Although there was nothing she could do to help them, she swore to herself that if he managed to break out of prison that she would help him escape and thus become a fugitive with him. She felt weird about the concept of being possibly on the run, the notion did not scare her as much as she thought it would, but rather it got her a little excited. It was during this revelation that several pieces of memory began flooding into her mind. They weren't large chunks, just a few memories of training sessions with Altez, and why she had those strange marks on her hands. Rina did not know what to think of it all, that she could possibly be an outlaw, a bandit, or anything like that.

She had plenty of time to think things over while Strato and his friend Talith planned their daring escape from the prison. She would often wander around the walls of the imposing building just in case they decided to escape that day. She was reward one day when she heard the chaos of battle and the shouting of guards. Her heart begun to race as she saw Strato and Talith, Strato sporting a new wound on his face. It was then that Rina started her seven year trip to escape the law.

Throughout those years Rina was visited more and more by memories until she began to get a clearer picture of her past life. She learned that Altez was none other than her father and the location of the Sha'di's "village". Rina decided that this would be the best place for them to hideaway until the prisonbreak blew over. When they arrived the group was rewarded with a warm welcome and a feast to celebrate the return of Altez's daughter. Altez was so overjoyed that he rewarded Strato a real blade for making sure Rina was kept in one piece. Also he was given permission to come into the village at any time should he need a place to lie low. Rina was also given a blade so that she may better protect herself, only the blade was a bit heavy for her so she hardly uses it.

Now Rina has returned to Castle Town once more, after several heartfelt goodbyes to her father and comrades alike. Anyone who has spoke with Rina before the seven years will instantly know a very large change in her behavior. She is more convident, is more at ease around other(though she is still working on that), has a love for fighting as any Sha'di would, and has a knack for getting into mischieve. Even stranger still is even though she is tiny compared to most, her appetite is large and she eats with very little manners. Though where she puts it all is a mystery in itself. Her appearance has also taken a slight change. Her once neat hair is now in a messy tangle on her head, as though she brushed it half-heartedly and then stopped. There is a cloth mask that hangs around her neck, although she never puts it on unless doing something not entirely legal. She has also gotten rid of wearing gloves for the moment, thus revealing the mark of the Sha'di that are tattooed on the backs of her hands.

Even through all the things she went through as a child, she will always be a Sha'di at heart, and she visits home every now and again. If for the sole purpose of getting the chance to work with her father doing was she once did best.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Biography: Rina   Thu Sep 24, 2009 12:01 am

Update: Added a ton of stuff to the backstory, extending the ending some more.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Biography: Rina   Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:53 pm

Alright being a somewhat creative writer, I love feedback... So without further ado please post comments on what you like, or what can be improved about this bio page. I want to know what my fellow players think, it helps me develop my writing style and maybe to come up with more ideas. Don't feel shy and post below.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Biography: Rina   Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:21 pm

Update(Yay!): Fixed spelling errors, rewrote some lines and added a few of them in there.... somewhere lol!

In the works: I have three pages yet to add in, so keep your eyes pealed... in a non-literal sense otherwise it gets messy Very Happy Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Character Biography: Rina   

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Character Biography: Rina
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