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 Legend of Zelda

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PostSubject: Legend of Zelda   Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:08 pm

Some things about this storyline need to be clarified.
The Legend of Zelda isn't about a child going "HIIIIIYA! HOOOOOOOOOOOY!"
It's honestly not some childish video game that five year olds can understand.
It's a story about a boy who risks it all to save a land that he loves. A complex young man who has to fight off his greatest fear. This is why I decided to make this roleplaying server, the first and second time. I want to inspire that type of roleplay that makes your skin crawl and your body shiver as you sit there in complete and utter excitement. Being stunned because your character just did something so heroic that in modern day it would be considered wierd. Roleplaying gives us a chance to be someone we're not... and even sometimes makes us a better person than who we are, by showing us what we can be. It's a way to get closer to other people and interact with a living, breathing world that in fact is not our own! Remember that just because this is based on the Legend of Zelda doesn't mean that you have to be some hero running around and sounding like someone shoved the karate kid down his throat, you can actually be a person, someone with or without morals. Be something you're not. Be something you want to be.
- Your administrator, Xrere
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Legend of Zelda
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