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 Guidelines for Character Biographies

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PostSubject: Guidelines for Character Biographies   Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:58 am

Please observe good role-playing etiquette on these threads, just as you would in the actual game. Follow other mod rules and guidelines as appropriate, including language usage and treatment of other PCs.

Many of the bios here go into great detail and include actual events having actually taken place in the mod. Needless to say, reading these postings is OOC unless otherwise stated or explicitly implied.

Although not required or even officially encouraged, it is permissible to include details about ongoing, in-game events and inter-character relationships as they develop and evolve. However, if the level of detail you included necessitates daily updates of your bio, consider reevaluating the content of your bio.

Posting in others' bio threads is permitted only with the original poster's permission. It is not acceptable to post in others' bios simply to complain, comment off-topic, or to beg for inclusion of your characters in their posts.

Everything you post in this section should make sense in the context of the actual game. If you have any questions or uncertainties about what you are creating, please check with a game master.

Generally speaking, if what you are inventing will affect all the other player characters in some way, or create certain implications about the mod which might change the setting in some way, run it by a GM before you post.

Edit: DM Xrere: Please signify OOC notes in character biographies to avoid confusion. Thank you! king
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PostSubject: Re: Guidelines for Character Biographies   Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:57 am

Some things you should include in your biography!
1. Two pictures! one of their adult self and one of their child self. Add more if you'd like! Smile
2. Background! Where did they come from? Do they have parents? If not, what happened to them?
3. Behavior! How do they act? Why do they act that way? Be a shrink! Describe their attitude!
4. Current situations! What's up with your character?
5. Appearance! Sure, the pictures help, but we can't get an exact read on their height, weight, ect. ect. ect. unless we're like a crime scene investigator.
6. Songs! What song describes your character?
Alright! Those are just some tips, enjoy!
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Guidelines for Character Biographies
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